Tuesday, 7 February 2017

January 10, 2017

14/1832) Home:  Silver Bottle Beer by Schloss Eggenberg of Austria:  *;  4.9%;  this is the first of the Advent Calendar beers which, being as late as I am to receive them (or at least most of them), I have decided to consume alphabetically by nation;  the words on the front of the bottle read,"urban poems/reality spirit/fashion love/earth glamour/liquid music/freedom art;  very well carbonated;  clear straw colour;  hopped with hops and hop extract;  malty nose;  tastes mostly of malt with a restrained Euro-hop snap;

15/1833) Home:  Lord of the Lupulin by Pint Pursuits Brewing Co. of Ontario:  **; 5.4%, 52 ibu;  brewed with Vermont ale yeast;  mildly resiny nose with notes of citrus, soft warm citrus flavours;

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