Thursday, 9 February 2017

January 23, 2017

34/1852) Home:  APA by Birrificio del Doge of Italy:  **;  4.8%;  the label speaks of "hope notes" and "grate harmony";  pours hazy straw;  mild citrus nose with a malty back drop;  warm citrus flavours, faintly bitter with a dry hoppy finish;

35/1853) Home:  Molotov by Birrificio del Ducato of Italy:  **;  7.0%;  unpasteurized;  brewed with sugar and spices;  "proudly brewed with wasabi and appetite for destruction";  smoked, in a good way,  spiced nose;  gentle heat from the wasabi, mild fruitiness, and a warm finish;

36/1854) Home:  December Flower Winter Seasonal Ale 2016 by White Pony of Italy:  **1/2;  11.8%;  bottled and brewed for them by Het Nest Brouwerij of Belgium;  dry hopped;   brewed with sugar, orange peel, coriander and champagne yeast;  orangey red according to my daughter - I can't see either colour;  the nose is dominated by alcohol with a sweet fruity sugariness emerging slowly;  this may be one to age;  the alcohol is a bit hot but it yields to burnt sugary notes;

Stephen Beaumont has been saying for some time now how Italy is an emerging force in the craft beer world and here is our proof.

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