Saturday, 25 February 2017

January 30, 2017

48/1866) Home:  Pukki by Browar Wąsosz of Poland in collaboration with Humalov Brewing of Finland:  *;  3%;  brewed in Poland;  the label notes that this is a "Beer Advent Calendar Special" a "smoked beer in 'grodziskie style'" and an "historical Polish beer style with a Finnish twist";  brewed with smoked wheat malt in place of barley as well as spruce shoots;  pours clear, nearly colourless;  the nose is mild spruce overwhelmed by dark smoke - it smells like a fire at the Christmas tree lot;  spruce notes early on with a smokey finish;

49/1867) Home:  Deep Space Foreign Extra Stout by Fabyrka Piwa of Poland:  **;  6.5%, 50 ibu;  brewed with 8 malts;  scarcely any head to speak of, even after pouring directly onto the bottom of the glass;  dry roasty nose with coffee notes;  dry with coffee flavours and a coffee finish;

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