Saturday, 25 February 2017

January 31, 2017

50/1868) Home:  The Crimson Bird by Naparbier of Spain:  **;  a 6.1% saison brewed with raspberries;  nose is grain, mild spice and raspberry;  very strong fresh raspberry flavours, with a hint of yeast and spice;  another example of a saison made tolerable by adulteration;

51/1869) Home:  Sauerkirsche Stout, a collaboration between Cervesa de Montgeny of Spain and Evil Twin Brewing:  **1/2;  brewed at Montgeny by Evil Twin;  a 10% imperial stout with sour cherries;  dry roasty nose ; flavours of alcohol, chocolate, cherries;  warm alcohol finish;  a wonderful blend of chocolate, dark coffee and above all else, cherries;

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