Tuesday, 7 February 2017

January 14, 2017

19/1837) Home:  Oud Bruin Hip Hops by Brouwerij 'T Verzet of Belgium:  **;  6%;  in the southwest Flanders style;  a blend of young and over 1 year old beers matured in barrels of varying sorts of wood;  matured a further six months in the bottle;  the nose is tart and cidery with apple notes;  shart apple cider bite;  very tart, dry and cidery

20/1838) Home:  Bersalis Sour Blend by Oud Beersel Brewery of Belgium:  *1/2;  a 6% Blond Sour Ale;  the label reads, "Blond beer of mixed fermentation;  contains lambic aged in wooden barrels;  referments in bottle"; the usual four ingredients plus wheat;  milder than the beer above;  there is a faint tartness to the nose;  faint cidery notes overall;  a bit washed out in comparison to the previous beer;  

21/1839) Home:  Equinox Triple IPA by Biir Brewery of Belgium:  **;  9.4%, 100 ibu;  "Inspired by the Californian Triple IPAs";  brewed with Equinox hops;  the nose is rich and malty with pine notes;  sharp piney flavours overshadow citrus notes;  bitter after taste;

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