Saturday, 18 August 2018

August 5, 2018

209/2430) Home:  191 Fest Märzen, a collaboration between Central City Brewing of British Columbia and Kichesippi of Ontario:  *; a 5.4% Oktoberfest style Märzen; pours like ginger ale; sweet, mildly fruity nose with grain and cereal; grainy maltiness with sweet fruit notes;  a couple of months early perhaps but now I am looking forward to Oktoberfest menus;

The name derives from the fact that both brewmasters are 191 cm tall and keen on Märzens.

210/2431) Home: Amnesia by Brothers' Brewing Company of Ontario:  **1/2; a 9.0% Double IPA; citrus and zest nose; citrusy with notes of zest; very nice;

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