Tuesday, 9 June 2020

April 17, 2020

113/3093) Home:  Coconut Belgian Style Quad by Lickinghole Creek Brewery of Virginia, U.S.A.:  **; 11.2%; brewed with Belgian yeast, candi sugar, toasted coconut and "glucose syrup"; strong, sugary coconut nose; very sweet with coconut flavour; best in small doses; luckily there were people around to share this with;

114/3094) Home:  Hazy Jane by Brewdog of Scotland:  **1/2; a 7.2% New England Style IPA; oats and wheat were added to the grain bill; oats are not on the ingredient list but are mentioned elsewhere on the tin; nose of pineapple, lime, tannins; dry tannins to the taste along with stonefruit and citrus with a sweet finish;

 "an all out New England Patriot of a beer"

115/3095) Home:  Low Tide Zero IBU IPA by Lake of Bays of Ontario:  **; 2.5%; brewed with Idaho 7 hops and dry hopped with Belma and Sabro; hazy; thin; dry lemony nose; dry, mildly citrusy;

I am tempted to give bonus points for not using the phrase "session ale" even though it quite plainly is.

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