Friday, 12 June 2020

April 30, 2020

132/3112) Home:  Utopias 10th Anniversary by Boston Beer Company of Massachusetts, U.S.A.:  ***; "alcohol content over 27%";  this bottle is from 2012; brewed with four malts, three varieties of hops, champagne yeast and maple syrup; a blend of batches including 20 year old Triple Bock, which was once available locally, aged in Buffalo Trace Distillery bourbon barrels, port casks from Portugal and rum casks from Nicaragua; mine is bottle #10474; nose of figs, raisins, very boozy, sweet maple; sherry or port like with sweet maple notes, figs raisins, dates, vanilla, booze; quite something;

Here is an instance of being guilty of buying something and forgetting about it.  There is another mor recent bottle to follow, at some point.

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