Saturday, 6 June 2020

March 17, 2020

83/3063) Home:  Alkoholfrei by Erdinger of Germany:  *1/2; 0.4%; Erdinger claims this is brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Act; the ingredient list includes wheat malt, barley malt, and carbon dioxide (?); very malty nose; I would be looking for adjuncts if not for that ingredient list; very malty, very German; this one can hold its own and as if to prove it I found myself rating this as a beer and not a near beer;

I am again reminded of Garrison Keillor, "The man who invented near-beer was a damn poor judge of distance".

St. Patrick's Day has been cancelled which is a shame as for the first time in years I was intending to go out.  A colleague's daughter is an Irish dancer and I was going to visit Tracks Brewpub in support.

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