Tuesday, 2 June 2020

February 24, 2020

57/3057) Mill Street Beer Hall:  'Twas The Nitro by Mill Street of Ontario:  **; 5.3%, 21 ibu; a Cinnamon Raspberry chocolate beer; like the nose, raspberry and cinnamon flavours relegate the chocolate to the background; to my mind an uncommon trio but it works;

We were in town for the Distillery District Light Festival - excellent as always.

Ever since the buyout by Labatts I have had my eye on Mill Street and it may be a case of receiving messages that were never sent but when I encounter uninformed servers and beers available for samples at the front that aren't available to be served at tables, not to mention a distinct lack of patrons, I sense a place sliding downhill.  Mind, the food was good and the beers that were actually available, in contrast to those on the chalkboard, were pretty good.

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