Sunday, 4 August 2013

April 14, 2013

74/722)  Sarah's Café & Bar, Toronto:  Market Pale Ale by Amsterdam Brewing of Ontario:  **;  a moderately (by recent standards) hopped ale;

I got off the subway and Greenwood instead of Woodbine and by the time I discovered my mistake I had pretty much missed a Richard III Society of Canada meeting so I eased my sorrows with Sarah's cheese board.  It is pretty terrific, by the way.  I got off at the wrong "wood" a number of years ago going to an RIII meeting at a different location.  I need to be more careful.

75/723)  Linsmore Hotel, Toronto:  Cascade Hop Ale by Alexander Keith's of Ontario:  **;  I learned today this variety of hops was named for the Cascade Mountains;  citrusy nose with moderate hop flavours;

The Linsmore is marginally gentrified since my last visit.  The Cascade was a surprise and they serve Labatts 50 in pint glasses, not just those tiny one dollar glasses.  At one time they only had two taps:  50 and 50. 

I won't say it's overly posh yet.  The loo is still crowded with two people and while I waited outside a regular walked up behind me, scoffed, and strode into the Ladies'.  Not much chance for him to be interrupted.  The only lady in attendance was working behind the bar which I gather is the usual state of affairs.

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