Sunday, 11 August 2013

July 13, 2013

148/796) Dundas Square, Toronto:  Bamboo Beer by Bamboo Beer Ltd. of Ontario:  *1/2;  served in a tin - I didn't ask for a glass, only partly owing to the fact that I didn't see any available;  this tent and product launch were part of the Filipino Making Waves Festival;  it is a 5% lager brewed with hops, malted barley and bamboo;  it's a tiny bit sweet. otherwise not so different from any number of lagers, but it was refreshing on this Saturday in July;

Reading later about the Bamboo Beer launch I realized that I narrowly avoided rubbing shoulders with Boy Trudeau who arrived a bit earlier than I did.

Further north, they were giving away a tinned Vodka soda of some description.  Oddly enough, there was no riot going on as a result of the news and, yes, I was "carded" but they might have been doing that to everyone.  I chose to take it home for my wife instead of drinking it, though people were doing so on the street.  I am not convinced it is legal in Toronto to walk around the streets drinking Vodka coolers but perhaps it is punishment enough when, say, the Volo is so close by.

Yes, I pinched the tin.

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