Sunday, 11 August 2013

July 22, 2013

A pub is little more than a bit of geography.  What makes a Good Pub is the sum of one's experiences therein and this is why I miss DJ's so much.  It was at the north end of Hydro Place at University Avenue and College Street in Toronto.  In general, university was a happy time for me and I had some great evenings at DJ's.

In spite of the reputation of university students I really wasn't much of a beer drinker in those days, though I had been dragged to the legendary Brunswick House on a couple of occasions.

Draught at DJ's was ninety nine cents for a glass and the university newspapers always had coupons for their $1.99 dinner which consisted of all the salad you could heap on a plate, leg of beef and what they called Boulangere potatoes.  The great thing was that the people slicing the beef and spooning the potatoes took their cue from how much salad you had on your plate and as a result I never left hungry.

As I said, this was during university and I was always in the very merriest of company while I was at DJ's. In those days I didn't sup alone unless it was fast food. 

We did go once on a Saturday night and even though it was early days they managed to slip in some New Wave and, while I never saw them, a highly reputed band called the Grottybeats played there regularly.  For the most part DJ's served as a place to go at the end of a day of university and I treasured it.  I feel badly for U of T students today when I survey the row of soulless, largely franchise, joints they have to choose from.   

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