Tuesday, 27 August 2013

August 15, 2013

I had to laugh while I was tidying my in-box.  I found an invitation to a Cask Pub Crawl scheduled for April.  To quote:  "Each pub on the route is located in Toronto’s West End...". 

Let's run down the list:  Bellwoods, Get Well, the Monarch Tavern and the Victory Café.  I've never ben to the Monarch but the others are fine establishments and by association I would wager that the Monarch is as well.  Besides, I think that is where Zane Caplansky of Caplansky's Deli got started. 

What sets me off, though, is the fact that the crawl doesn't wander more than a few steps west of Ossington Avenue.  Hardly the edge of the earth unless you are a downtowner.

For those of you who might suggest that I can only score on my serve, I have to confess that save for the Monk's Kettle I cannot suggest much in the way of cask ale in what I imagine to be the west end.

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