Sunday, 11 August 2013

June 8, 2013

116/764) Home:  Montgomery's Courage by Black Creek Historic Brewery of Ontario: **;  a 5% rye ale;  this is the third of Black Creek's Historic Beers of Canada series:  1830-1839 Era of Rebellion;  this my favourite rye ale so far;  sweet maltiness to the nose;  there is a bit of hop to this along with black peppery notes;

The Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837 began at Montgomery's Tavern.  No relation between this Montgomery and the proprietor of  Montgomery's Inn which, unlike Montgomery's Tavern, still exists in its original location.  It's a good place to visit for one of their seasonal teas.  It is also where the Early Music Fair is held every year.

The Upper Canada Rebellion was led former Toronto mayor William Lyon Mackenzie.  Like Toronto's current mayor, he learned that it is not easy standing up to entrenched minds and vested interests.

Back in the day, Upper Canada Brewing sold a beer called Upper Canada Rebellion which was a favourite of mine.

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