Sunday, 11 August 2013

July 1, 2013

136/784) Home:  Cherrywood Canadian Finish by Innis & Gunn of Scotland:  **;  8.3%;  brewed with maple syrup and matured 49 days over Canadian black cherrywood, infused with bourbon;  sweet notes of bourbon to the nose;  flavours of bourbon, sweet dried fruit, caramel;

137/785)  Home:  The Canadian Dream by Mikkeller of Denmark:  **;  underneath that blacked out spot it reads 4.6% while a  sticker on back indicates 5.5% - LCBO lab testing at work;  brewed under contract in Belgium, Mikkeller is strictly a contract brewer;  resiny, piney nose;  resiny floral notes;

For a number of years, Innis and Gunn has expressed their appreciation for the way Canadians have taken to their beers by celebrating Canada Day in this manner.  I find it a touching gesture and I am happy to see Mikkeller following suit.

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