Tuesday, 13 August 2013

August 3, 2013

This month's installment of places I miss is a bit out of the ordinary in that a pub still stands where the Sticky Wicket used to be.  A number of events were held here while I was at University but I didn't visit the Sticky Wicket until years after I graduated. 

I only stepped in out of curiosity - to see what I had missed.  The World House's third location (after Queen Street West, then Bloor Street West but before College Street and its unfortunate demise) was on Spadina, south of Bloor.  The Sticky Wicket was steps south of Bloor and steps north of the World House.

This was where I first encountered Upper Canada Rebellion on draught and quite an encounter it was.  They also had some great bar staff.  I always enjoyed a visit after shopping for boardgames at the World House.

It has been two, maybe three soul-less chain type pubs since and I just don't feel the same when I step through the door.  I am sure it is a small crowd who wish they drank more beer at university but at the time it was just another item on the menu, so to speak.

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