Wednesday, 25 May 2016

March 18, 2016

45/1630) Olde Angel Inn, Niagara On The Lake:  Angel Inn Bitter by Great Lakes Brewery of Ontario:  **;   rich and malty, I don't see many bitters these days locally as I once used to;

The web would have me believe Niagara Brewing Co brews this for them but our server said it was GLB and she was unspeakably wonderful so I believe her.

46/1631) Olde Angel Inn:  Czechvar Dark by Budweiser Budvar of the Czech Republic:  **;  dry and chocolaty with a hint of fruit;

The service was blindingly fast.  Seeing how busy our server was I ordered this with a full third of a glass remaining and it arrived before I had taken another sip  I cannot recommend this place highly enough.  It is a very convivial pub with outstanding, kick up your heels type servers.  Ours was looking after an area the same size the place we visited yesterday where they had three servers and she had time for a joke at every table, she checked on all her other tables and she brought out the drinks with lightning speed.

Before I get started, the following was a flight and what's more I shared the glasses with my wife.

47/1632) The Exchange Brewery, Niagara On The Lake:  IPA by the Exchange Brewery of Ontario:  **;  7%, 77 ibu;  brewed with Cascade, Columbus and Centennial hops;  dry citrus nose;  hoppy but overall very well balanced;

48/1633) The Exchange Brewery:  Belgian Stout by the Exchange Brewery of Ontario:  **;  6.7%, 37 ibu;  a dry roasty stout off-set by Belgian candi sugar;

49/1634) The Exchange Brewery:  Porter by the Exchange Brewery of Ontario:  **;  5.3%, 39 ibu;  roast coffee and chocolate flavours;

50/1635) The Exchange Brewery:  Pale Ale by the Exchange Brewery of Ontario:  **; 6.2%, 60 ibu;  tropical nose;  citrusy, herbal flavours;

51/1636) The Exchange Brewery:  Black IPA by the Exchange Brewery of Ontario:  **;  7.2%, 66 ibu;  dry, hoppy nose;  flavours of chocolate and bitter hops;

The roasted nuts were great, too.  The décor puts me in mind of a minimalist beerbistro.  My wife thought it was excessively posh but Niagara On The Lake is that sort of a place.

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