Tuesday, 24 May 2016

March 4, 2016

38/1623) Caffe Volo:  Skeleton Key by Bellwoods Brewery of Ontario:  **1/2;  13%;  a rum barrel aged Imperial Stout;  sweet boozy nose of rum and oak;  sweet oaky boozy dry red wine, spices and rum;  wow;

39/1624) Caffe Volo:  Juggernaut by Stone City Ales of Ontario:  **;  a rum barrel aged foreign extra stout;  nose is sharp and not as sweet as the other rum barrel aged beer from tonight;  dry mocha flavours - I might have guessed it started out as a porter had I not known otherwise;  grainy dry mocha notes, only the subtlest presence of rum;

The chalkboard indicates that the abv is 6% although on-line sources give a reading of 9.5%.  It could be this is a second batch.

40/1625) Caffe Volo:  Veniel 2016 by Dieu du Ciel! of Quebec:  **;  a 6.5% coffee stout;  bitter, dark coffee/expresso nose;  dark, dry, almost astringent coffee flavours;

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