Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May 11, 2016

This is the most revolting of the revolting developments I have had to cite.  The Volo is closing this September.  It seems Toronto does not have enough condominiums.

The proposed location in Little Italy is not really a second location in the strictest sense.  Its purpose is to focus on barrel aged and sour beers so now the Volo is scrambling to find a new location.  The hope is to re-emerge somewhere on Yonge Street.

I am crushed.  There is no place like the Volo anywhere.  To arrive on a Friday evening is to be surrounded by a who's-who of the Toronto beer scene.  Their reputation extends far beyond Yonge Street.  It was chosen as the only Ontario bar to host Péché Day.  It was one of three locations in Canada chosen to host Zwanze Day.

My pessimism stems from what happened when Smokeless Joes tried to relocate.  It was gone in months.  All that is left is to try and enjoy it while we can and to hope, against hope, for the best.

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