Monday, 2 November 2020

August 26, 2020

231/3211) Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery, Heartland:  Capo Pils by Big Rig Brewery of Ontario:  *1/2; 4.9%, 26 ibu; a dry hopped pilsner; pours clear; not typical of the style; not quite the sharp bite of many pilsners; dryer than usual;

I received a text while I was in Port Franks from a fellow I had not heard from since The 3 Brewers at this same spot had closed telling me Big Rig was open and he was there.  I was delighted that at least four servers from the old place were working, though it took some time to know on account of their masks.  Included was the one who served me my last beer at The 3 Brewers, Mississauga.  Probably many could say the same.

232/3212) Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery, Heartland:  Rock, Flag and Eagle by Big Rig Brewery of Ontario:  **; 7.0%, 66 ibu; mostly clear; resiny pine nose, oddly strong malt presence; pine, hint of grapefruit and a touch of tropical at the finish;  it all feels a bit much at first but when it sits for a minute and settles it is quite nice, and unashamedly strong;

Big Rig has eight year-round beers and six seasonals, one of which is a rotating tap which changes more frequently.

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