Monday, 23 November 2020

November 10, 2020

315/3295) Home:  West Coast IPA by Granville Island Brewing of British Columbia:  *; 6.5%;  reasonably clear; a bit piney, a bit fruity; earthy floral notes, bitter after taste; remarkably unremarkable;

The term "West Coast IPA" is trademarked on the tin!

316/3296) Home:  Belhoste Ale by St. Mary Axe of Ontario:  **; 4.6%, 30 ibu; an English Pale Ale; brewed for St. Mary Axe at Junction Craft; dry hopped with "North American hop varieties"; fresh nose of citrus and zest; flavours don't deliver exactly that but it's still not bad; a strong malt presence with sweet citrus; it's not precisely what I expect of an English ale but rather nice just the same;

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