Monday, 2 November 2020

September 5, 2020

245/3225) Big Rig Kitchen & Brewery, Heartland:  Canadian Amber by Big Rig Brewery of Ontario:  *; 5.2%, 20 ibu; malty nose; very grainy with mild caramel; Cascade hops from Quebec are faintly present;

It may be apparent by now that I am nonplussed.  Big Rig suffers in comparison to The 3 Brewers.  I don't like the beers as much, ditto for the menu, the music they play even what is on the TV screens.  I will reserve judgement on the staff as it is hard to bond with someone wearing a mask.  

That said, it is the best beer I am going to find between Etobicoke and Oakville.  Being located on the lakeshore, Stonehooker will not come into play for me until the Hurontario LRT is up and running.

246/3226) Home:  Vienna Lager by Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. of Ontario:  *; 5.0%, 20 ibu; the grain bill features both Vienna and Munich malts; nose is sweet, malty and leafy; a sweet, fruity lager - a bit too sweet for my liking;

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