Saturday, 3 August 2013

February 1, 2013

Writing about Growlers reminded me of Duggan's Brewery, as is often the case, so this will be the second installment of the Joints I Miss series.

The on-line reviews at the time seemed to focus on odd servers but I was always well looked after.  I recall ordering a glass of the bock and the fellow behind the bar said, "This usually comes in half pints but you look as though you can handle it." as he placed a pint in front of me. 

They always had great beers there, brewed just metres away, and at very reasonable prices.  The food was great and, again, I felt I received full value.  My favourite food memory was the V & Chips.  It sounds like a practical joke but it was a smallish loaf of bread with a "V" shape carved into the top.  So as not to waste food, this part was used to make bread crumbs for other dishes.  The groove created was heaped with Duggan's frites and topped with a curry gravy.  I was training for a run at the time and to me this represented carb-loading at its finest.

That curry sauce had a story attached.  It was a family recipe of one of the kitchen staff and out of respect for their beliefs it was used only for non-meat dishes.

Early on in this blog I detailed the demise of Duggan's so there is no need to go into it again.  I wished for better for this place because it really should have worked, but what do I know?  At least I get to keep the memories.

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