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January 29, 2013

I confess this item has contributed to the delays here because I am rather hesitant to publish this bit of news lest I be banned from my favourite art galleries and revue cinemas.

I have never been to the Rhino on Queen Street West in Toronto.  It's not because of the on-line reviews by people with an axe to grind regarding a particular server or the unavailability of their favourite beer.  The simple fact is my gateways to Toronto are Union Station, Islington Station and Yorkdale and none of these are particularly convenient to the Rhino.  Indeed, I suspect I might succumb to temptation and choose not to pass by one of any number of places on the way if I did set out to pay a visit..

This past weekend a "Cowboys & Indians" birthday event ended up, unannounced, at the Rhino.  The twittersphere took flight and soon the joint was flooded with people from all across town making their first visit to the Rhino in order to loudly declare that they were never coming back.

One individual was reported to have spent thirty dollars on a white knuckle taxi ride from his condominium.  The possibilities boggle one's mind.  Does the earth end at Bathurst Street and beyond There Be Dragons?  Do Bixis not function so very far from Yonge Street?  Might one encounter public transit riders wearing last season's fashions?  We may never know the motivation.

Yes, it was silly, childish, juvenile and a number of adjectives of your choice but if you can't be that way after a few what's the use?  Must we all be so very easily offended? 

The best lines concerning this affair were either the third paragraph of this article
or perhaps they belong to a server who is alleged (though the club vehemently denies it) to have uttered,  “It’s just a costume, get over it”.  He might well have added, "and get over yourself while you're at it." but that only happens in my imagination.

In any event, the Rhino issued two (2) grovelling apologies on their blog.

Clearly, this is a joint that bears close scrutiny in the days leading up to March 17 and I'd better not see any white guys with dreadlocks if I ever do find my way there. 

It's not just the neo-prohibitionists taking the fun out of drinking these days.

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