Sunday, 4 August 2013

March 2, 2013

45/693)  Get Well, Toronto:  Redeem Me by Black Oak Brewery of Ontario:  **1/2;  on cask;  this is their nut brown ale with the addition of cloves, Belgian candy sugar and champagne yeast;  the sugar is not over-powering, in fact, there is a richness along side the sweetness;

46/694)  Get Well, Toronto:  Get Well Porter brewed at Get Well of Ontario:  **;  hearty roast and coffee notes;  I always enjoy a good porter;

47/695)  Get Well, Toronto:  All Ontario Hop Ale by Duggan's Brewery of Ontario:  **;  now there's a name from the not so distant past;  this one checks in at 7% abv;  the beer list read, "...brewed at Get Well.  The rest is a mystery.";  very hoppy nose;  like Duggan's #9 on steroids but it's not merely one dimensional  over-powering hop flavours - there is a strong maltiness as well;

48/696)  Sin and Redemption, Toronto:  Triple by Brasserie St.-Feuillien of Belgium:  **;  this was in a bottle;  8.5%;   pours cloudy;   in addition to the usual 4 ingredients sugar and vitamin C have been added;  very mild hop, citrus nose;  orange & spice flavours;

Today was a Cask Social at Get Well on Dundas Street just West of Ossington.  The location is terrific.  It is half a block North of the Bellwoods Brewery so I was able to work some shopping into the journey.

It is also a full block North of El Almacen. a terrific South American café.  I recommend the Yerba Maté.  It's been a while since I required a lesson in how to consume something but it is worth the effort.  Continuing the Latin American theme, not so far away, in Trinity Bellwoods Park, I located a bust of Simon Bolivar while I was searching for the albino squirrels that live there.

Get Well has a slightly unfinished look but there are loads of retro pinball machines and video games.  The walls are covered with vintage photographs and portraits.  I spotted Queen Alexandra, consort of King Edward VII and I also recognised King George VI's portrait. 

Few places seem ready for a Cask Social in terms of having enough staff on hand but those in attendance were certainly pleasant enough.  Take my advice and order two at a time at Cask Socials.  In any case, I will definitely be back, although I will remember from the last time I was in the area that normally they do not open until 5PM.

There was also a concert by the Tallis Choir, hence the visit to Sin & Redemption.  To my dismay, there is a new menu and the Redemption Burger is gone.

Oh yes, there were half pints today.

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