Tuesday, 29 December 2015

December 19, 2015

I have a few comments left over from yesterday.  What with it being several months since the previous concert for the ensemble I saw last night, as is my wont I used the first concert of the season to check on the progress of several bald spots which makes me a very Bad Man.

I was thinking if I am going to pester people for reviews I would love to see an opinion of the Dock Ellis Sports Bar which I visited recently.

Dock Ellis is memorable on several counts.  He started for the National League in the 1971 All-Star game, played in Detroit.  That was the one where Reggie Jackson hit that monstrous homerun off the lighting tower.

In 1974 Dock Ellis hit the first three batters he faced, intentionally, in order to boost his team's morale.  He had said before the game that he planned to hit all nine batters.  After Tony Perez got out of the way of four pitches directed his way and Johnny Bench dodged two his manager had seen enough and he was taken out of the game.

However, he is undoubtedly best remembered for tossing a no-hitter in 1970, while strung out on LSD.  He also had amphetamines in his system.  The documentary "No No" tells the tale.  He walked eight and hit a batter with a pitch but no runs scored and no one got a hit off him.

After leaving baseball, Dock Ellis became an addiction counselor.

At any rate, the draught list is small but effective with a number of local stand-out beers and while I couldn't stay long enough to eat I thought the menu was quirky and whimsical.  Oddest of all, I was the only person in the room who could possibly be old enough to have seen Dock Ellis pitch.  I was not expecting that.

But perhaps I should leave it to the experts to review pubs.

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