Monday, 21 December 2015

November 12, 2015

259/1533) Home:  Viking Chili Stout (Megagrisk) by Hornbeer of Denmark:  **1/2;  10%;  brewed with dark chocolate, licorice, cocoa, vanilla, chili, sigar;  licorice is prominent in nose, along with alcohol;  the heat comes into play at the finish and lingers;  unusual and interesting;

We are approaching the time of year when it is safe to buy too much beer as it can be stored in the garage and stay cool-ish.  This is a Good Thing as the Christmas beers and packages are appearing and they sell rather briskly so I don't like to wait for there to be room in the fridge.  About of third of what is in there are bottles I am aging so it is entirely my fault that space is at a premium.

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