Tuesday, 29 December 2015

December 22, 2015

303/1577) C'est What:  Where's My Wood? by Forked River Brewing of Ontario:  **1/2;  9%, 50 ibu;  a Russian Imperial Stout;  the nose is licorice with a strong alcohol presence;  flavours of roast malt, alcohol, licorice, oak, bourbon;  a good choice to follow the first skate in Toronto (Harbourfront) of the season and a labyrinth walk to mark the solstice, accompanied by Michael Franklin on various ancient instruments;

A number of Forked River's beer names make reference to London's status as Forest City or that it was once proposed as capital of Upper Canada but I wonder if it might be a goof on Great Lakes' RIS, "Dude, where's My Czar?"

304/1578) C'est What:  St. Ambroise Oak Aged Pale Ale by McAuslan of Quebec:  **1/2;   6%, 40 ibu;  brewed with toasted wheat and chocolate malt;  nose is malty with vanilla and oak;  flavours of vanilla (not so strong as to be thin icing as the fellow net to me said), oak;

This was my real reason for coming to C'est What today.  McAuslan had supplied a limited number of kegs to select Ontario pubs with the idea that they were to be tapped at 4:44PM, the moment of sunset on the first day of winter.  I may have received my glass a shade early but I waited for the appropriate moment.

I only ever use the ATM a block south of my desk but C'est What's ATM does not charge fees which goes to show that it can be done.

Fall ended last night at 23:50.  When the Beer Academy closed its doors on December 31st the idea was that they would return, in an undisclosed form, in Fall of 2015.  Precisely thirteen hours after Fall ended I walked past the location and there was no sign of anything about to open.  I am not going to read all that much into it, but the website is down as well.  There appears to be something going on behind the glass - I just can't say what that is.

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