Monday, 14 December 2015

October 9, 2015

A couple of bombshells today.  Mill Street has been bought by Labatts.  It will be interesting to see what becomes of their brewpub and Beer Hall.  It could turn into something analogous to the Beer Academy.  A number of people have weighed in to instruct me how I should conduct myself in light of the news.  I had no idea I could save all the time I spend reading beer menus by simply allowing hipsters sitting behind computers tell me what to order.

Maybe distribution will be wider but maybe beer will spend more time in transit due to centralization and not arrive as fresh as before.  I will wait and see.  I sure hope the seasonal beers continue.

On the same day I learned that Great Lakes Brewery is discontinuing their Devil's Pale Ale.  At one time this was considered the flagship of their "alternate" line.  It is entirely possible that "rent" beers like their Red Leaf lager pay the bills that let them play Bunsen Honeydew with their IPAs and other Tank Ten delights.  It could be that it has become over-shadowed by their other beers or maybe it has had its day in the sun.  It was considered somewhat out there at the time it was introduced.

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