Sunday, 4 August 2013

April 5, 2013

70/718) Caffe Volo:  Red Rocket Stout by Sawdust City of Ontario:  **;  brewed with coffee, cayenne pepper and cinnamon;  quite a blend of things to the nose;  opens with vanilla and cinnamon;  followed by flavours of coffee, vanilla, pepper; the finish is sweet mocha/coffee; aftertaste is pure cayenne; quite a ride - no wonder it's called Red Rocket;

My notes commented on how dark it was inside the Volo that night so maybe my daughter was on to something in February.  Mind, I'd had a Shambock and an Aphrodite - good news that both are showing up again in Toronto.

Today was Opening Day for Left Field Brewery at 3030 in the Junction area.  I ended up at the Toronto Silent Film Festival instead and once the film was done it was too late to make the trip, though I did consider it.  I heard tell later that they didn't anticipate the response and they were running out of things so it was just as well.

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