Sunday, 4 August 2013

March 30, 2013

68/716)  Home:  He'Brew Jewbilation Sweet 16 by Coney Island Brewing Company/Shmaltz Brewing Company of New York, U.S.A.: **1/2;  "The chosen beer",  "celebrating 16 years of beer & delicious shtick L'Chiam!";  the brewery was established in 1996, or 3757 if you're using another calendar;  this is their 16th anniversary ale; brewed with 16 malts and 16 hops with 16% abv, although the LCBO has added a sticker on the back of the bottle that reads 14.5% on top of the one that read 16%, which I imagine can be attributed to their lab testing;  it pours very dark with a nose of raisin bread;  it's like a particularly complex Caribbean stout with flavours of dates, raisins, figs, dried fruit;  the label makes for entertaining reading;  it's a big bottle, perfect for sharing;

69/717)  Home:  Grand Cru by Brasserie des Rocs of Belgium:  **1/2;  9% abv with a sweet, dark sugary nose;  sweet red wine notes with roast, brown sugar;  very nice;  it's a favourite of my wife's;

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