Sunday, 23 June 2019

April 27, 2019

116/2716) Birreria Volo:  Hoppy Fingers by Unfiltered Brewing of Nova Scotia:  **;  a 4.8% American Pale Ale; tropical fruit nose; fresh, tropical; bitter resiny finish;

Today was billed as An Afternoon With Unfiltered Brewing.  Owner Andrew Murphy was there and I managed a few words with him towards the end of my stay.

117/2717) Birreria Volo:  Fist of God by Unfiltered Brewing of Nova Scotia:  **1/2; a 7.5%; double IPA; cloudy; citrus nose; citrus and tropical flavours with a fruity finish;

118/2718) Birreria Volo:  Twelve Years To Zion by Unfiltered Brewing of Nova Scotia:  **; an 8% double IPA; clear; fresh tropical nose; thin mouthfeel; muted tropical flavours;

119/2719) Birreria Volo:  Inducement by Unfiltered Brewing of Nova Scotia:  **1/2; a 7.5% double IPA; cloudy, nearly murky; citrus, tropical nose; citrus, apple with tropical fruit at the finish;

120/2720) Birreria Volo:  Flat Black Jesus by Unfiltered Brewing of Nova Scotia:  **; a 7% American Stout; nose of dark coffee, bitter cocoa; astringent unsweetened cocoa flavours with roasty, almost burnt malt;

121/2721) Birreria Volo:  2019 Commissar by Unfiltered Brewing of Nova Scotia:  ***; 11%; a Russian Imperial Stout aged on oak; sweet nose of rum hides the alcohol very well; tastes of rum, oak, bitter chocolate;  marvellous;

122/2722) Birreria Volo:  Dark Arts:  Surreal Stout by Magic Rock Brewing of England:  **1/2; 6%; roasted malt nose; flavours of cocoa and cola with touch of fruitiness; this was from a can;

I was sufficiently intrigued by the name to deviate from the wares of Unfiltered Brewing however, even with five ounce pours, at this point in the festivities I am not sure if I am qualified to comment on how surreal it truly was.

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