Sunday, 30 June 2019

May 22, 2019

152/2752) Yellowbelly Brewery & Public House, St. John's Newfoundland:  Yellowbelly Pale Ale by Yellowbelly Brewery of Newfoundland:  **; 4.5%; they go onto describe this as a Best Bitter;  grainy, malty nose; sweet and malty with an herbal hop snap at the finish;

153/2753) Yellowbelly Brewery & Public House:  Come From Away Islander Pale Ale by Yellowbelly Brewing of Newfoundland:  **1/2; 6%; brewed in collaboration with The Happy Hour Guys and Five Boroughs Brewing Co of New York, U.S.A.; brewed with Broadway cast and crew of the play by the same name; made with Vermont Ale yeast, Cascade, Armillo and Cashmere hops; grapefruit and citrus zest nose and flavours;

154/2754) Yellowbelly Brewery &  Public House:  St. John's Stout by Yellowbelly Brewing of Newfoundland:  **; 4.8% in the Irish style; Guinness like head; grainy with a dry finish; a very hearty stout;

It was definitely worth picking our way through all the construction to find this spot.

155/2755) Amelia's Lounge:  Black Horse Premium Lager by Molson Coors Newfoundland:  *1/2; 4%; a pretty standard lager, with mineral notes as a lot of local beers have - owing to the local water?;

I had been led to believe this was another Quidi Vidi offering but it turns out to be a regional Molson beer.

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