Monday, 17 June 2019

March 9, 2019

63/2663) Home:  Harry Porter Vanilla by Great Lakes Brewery of Ontario:  **1/2; 6.5%, 20 ibu; purchased at Great Lakes Brewery; nose is roast and vanilla; roastiness of the original is sweetened with vanilla; very  nice, perhaps even an improvement on the original;

64/2664) Home:  61 Deep Pale Ale by Marston's Brewery of England:  *; 4.1%; 61 metres is the depth of the well at the brewery; 5 American and Australian hops; clear; musty nose; pilsner-ish flavours, grassy hops;

The tin reads,  "Dive in".

65/2665) Home: Cult Hero DIPA by Rainhard Brewing of Ontario: **;  7.8%;brewed with pilsner malt; hops are Cryo Citra, Cyro Columbus (I'm not sure if that is a typo or not) and Ahtanum; pours hazy; citrusy nose, especially orange and grapefruit; citrusy flavours with hints of pine at the finish;

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