Sunday, 16 June 2019

March 2, 2019

One observes many things at a pub and as a public service I will share a lesson in how to be asked to leave The 3 Brewers.  Last time I was at The 3 Brewers I noticed the individual sitting beside me had returned with a small plate of food.  It seemed odd that no one had run it to him but I carried on.

Soon after a manager asked if he could have a word and they stepped away.  It turns out there was a party booked, as often there is, and he had taken a plate and helped himself.  I found it hilarious and I suppose there is a logic to it.  There was all sorts of food left over but the fact is the party organisers pay twenty five or thirty dollars a person so one should not need to be told it is not on to step in and take a plate.

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