Wednesday, 19 June 2019

March 24, 2019

75/2675) Birreria Volo:  Péché Mortel Bourbon 2019 by Dieu du Ciel! of Quebec:  **1/2; 9.5%; alcohol and bourbon nose; alcohol, bourbon, vanilla, coffee flavours;

Yesterday was Péché Day but I attended the Happy Birthday Bach Walk with my wife and my daughter.  These are the day after Péché Day leftovers.

76/2676) Birreria Volo:  Fortified by Tooth & Nail of Ontario:  **; a 9.5% Imperial Oatmeal Stout with coffee and chocolate; on nitro; modestly sweet chocolate nose; thick and creamy mouthfeel; sweet chocolate and dark coffee flavours;

While we had a glass or two at Louis Cifer yesterday we ate dinner at the Edmund Burke - highly recommended.

77/2677) Birreria Volo:  April by Burdock Brewery of Ontario:  *1/2; a 3.8% stout; on nitro; coffee notes to nose; tastes rather washed out with notes of weak coffee;

Of course I did hear lots about what I missed out on by people who were there the day before as well but I had a hard enough time deciding what to order as it was.

78/2678) Birreria Volo:  Same IPA Different Day by Barncat Artisan Ales of Ontario:  **; a 6.8% American IPA; strong fresh citrusy nose; flavours of grapefruit, peach, mango;

These were all five ounce pours.

79/2679) Birreria Volo:  Lazy Bones by Rainhard Brewing Co. of Ontario:  **; 6.7% double dry hopped IPA; sweet citrusy nose contrasts with a sharp dry citrusy, especially grapefruit, flavours;

80/2680) Birreria Volo:  Battle Jacket by Barncat Artisan Ales of Ontario:  **; 8.2% double IPA; juicy, pulpy citrus nose; grapefruit and peach flavours;

81/2681) Birreria Volo:  Bump & Grind by Barncat Artisan Ales of Ontario:  **; 8% stout with lactose and coffee; espresso nose; dark coffee flavours with a hint of sweetness;

82/2682) Birreria Volo:  Scoop by Leftfield Brewery of Ontario:  **; a 7.1% Tartufo dessert stout with lactose,cherry and cacao; sweet chocolate and cherry nose; cocoa with a snap of cherries;

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