Tuesday, 25 June 2019

May 19, 2019

141/2741) Amelia's Lounge at the Best Western, St. John's Newfoundland:  1892 by Quidi Vidi of Newfoundland:  *1/2; 5%, 20 ibu; a malty, mildly sweet amber ale; commemorates the great fire of 1892 which destroyed most of St. John's;

It was my wife who figured out that the Amelia in question is Amelia Earhart.  On reflection, I ought to have spotted that what with all the aviation imagery.

142/2742) Amelia's Lounge:  Iceberg by Quidi Vidi of Newfoundland:  *1/2; a lager brewed with iceberg, or rather bergy bits, water;  mineral notes;

We learned that, strictly speaking, the ice has to stick thirty feet above the water to be a fully fledged iceberg.  The smaller ones are growlers and the ones small enough to be hauled ashore and melted in order to make beer, or vodka, are called bergie bits.

143/2743) Amelia's Lounge:  India Beer by Molson Coors of Newfoundland:  *1/2;  more of a lager than an IPA; very pale, nearly clear; leafy notes;

The tap and branded glass would have had me believing this was by "Man's Best Friend".  Still, it is a regional beer, only available in Newfoundland.

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