Tuesday, 6 November 2012

August 18, 2012

142/543)  The Inn, Lake On The Mountain:  IPA by Lake On The Mountain of Ontario: **;  brewed on site;  bitter hop nose;  hoppy bitterness to the palate;

144/544)  The Inn, Lake On The Mountain:  Cream Ale by Lake On The Mountain, Ontario:  *1/2; smooth and malty;

145/545)  Kingston Brewing Company, Kingston:  Aardvark Dark Ale by the Kingston Brewing Company of Ontario:  **; nose is wine, raisins;  winey edge is more faint to the taste;  coffee notes;

146/546)  Kingston Brewing Company:  Dragon Real Ale by the Kingston Brewing Company of Ontario:  *1/2;  as opposed to their Dragoon Pale Ale, also brewed and available on site;  dark brown with wine notes which suggests similar derviation to above;  also a winey edge to the taste of this one;

Lake On The Mountain is near Picton.  Said lake appears to have no reason to exist - no rivers empty into it - and at one time local legend had it that it was bottomless.  More recently it was determined that underground streams empty into it.  The Inn is in a wonderful setting with great surroundings, great food and great beer - highly recommended

Kingston Brewing Company is a must visit when in Kingston (a must visit on its own).  It's very casual with a beautiful, private patio and, as above, great beer brewed on site.

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