Monday, 5 November 2012

July 20, 2012

123/523)  The 3 Brewers:  Raspberry Red brewed at The 3 Brewers, Ontario:  **;  not surprisingly this is a bold red in colour;  nose is malt and raspberry;  a framboise;  fresh raspberry flavours;  not quite as bold as Amsterdam's; there is a touch of sweet fruitiness; The 3 Brewers' current seasonal offering;

124/524)  The 3 Brewers:  Cervesa del Sol brewed at the 3 Brewers, Ontario:  **;  here they use avagado nectar as the source of sugar for the yeast;  served with slice lime which enhances the citrus flavours nicely;  mild citrus nose;  hint of bitterness;  tequiliaish mid-taste;  very unusual; 

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