Monday, 5 November 2012

July 29, 2012

129/529)  The Granite Brewery and Restaurant:  Galactic Pale Ale brewed at the Granite Brewery, Toronto:  **;  mild floral, piney nose;  mellow earthy with a nutty, bitter after taste;

130/530)  The Granite:  Best Bitter Special brewed at the Granite:  **1/2;  very much in the English style;  mild session beer with notes of chocolate;  this is a dry-hopped verion of the Best Bitter;

This was a Cask Social event - both offerings were on cask.  I had a pleasant time chatting with a gentleman and his wife about a variety of things.  I wish I could recall his name so I could give him credit for the idea that the push-back against hop bombs may be further away than I imagine.  He forecasts that they will be around long enough to become our kids' Dads' beers.

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