Tuesday, 6 November 2012

August 21, 2012

150/550)  D'Orsay, Quebec City:  Boréale India Pale Ale by Les Brasseurs du Nord, Quebec:  **;  earthy hop nose;  tastes of earthy hop bitterness;

151/551)  La Barberie, Quebec City:  Stout Au Café brewed at La Barberie, Quebec:  **;  dark as night with a rich creamy, persistent head;  dry mocha notes;

152/552)  L'Entrecote Saint-Jean, Quebec City:  Cheval Blanc by Brasseurs RJ of Quebec:  **; cloudy straw colour;  yeasty in a Belgian manner;  a touch citrusy;

153/553)  Back at the room, Quality Inn & Suites, Levis:  Loyalist Lager by Barley Days Brewery of Ontario:  *1/2; bitter, malty nose;  a well balanced lager ;

La Barberie is a terrific brew-pub with the day's offering on a chalkboard just like in my dreams. 

The steak is terrific at L'Entrecote.  We first went in 1986, I think it was, and we always return.

We picked up the Loyalist in at the brewery in Picton.  I was really hoping to find Royal George but they didn't have it, at least not exactly.  I picked up a blend which will be described later.  They also said that they expected to have it at the LCBO "any day now" and had been for some time.

For a summary of the flight of the Royal George, check this link:

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