Sunday, 4 November 2012

July 8, 2012

117/517)  Home:  Frelser Tripplebock by Mikkeller of Denmark:  **1/2;    another one for sharing -  a 750ml bottle at 11%;  the nose is dates and figs with a hint of wine;  dry expresso with fruitcake notes;

118/518)  Home:  Negra Modelo by Cerveceria Modelo of Mexico:  *1/2;  malty nose with a hint sparkling wine;  opens with a sweet maltiness;  my wife likes it more than I do;

Mikkeller is a Danish brewery but Frelser Tripplebock is brewed at Brauwerei Lochristi-thijfte in Belgium - East Flanders to be precise.  Mikkeller does not own a brewery, rather they contract out to a number of countries.

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