Saturday, 10 November 2012

November 1, 2012

214/614)  Orwells, Etobicoke:  Rickard's Cardigan by Molson Coors of Ontario:  **;  spicy nose;  tastes of pumpkin spices:  nutmeg, ginger, cinammon, allspice;  pumpkin - not so much;  a fine beer for the Fall and from one of the biggies at that;  posters at one forum seemed to be writing their reviews in advance when news of this came out but, unfashionable though it may be, I have to give Molson Coors credit for a good beer and I hope it might serve as a gateway beer to the full-on craft beer experience for some;

It was quite a job to find this one.  I have passed two billboards extolling the virtues of this beer in my hometown but I was not able to find it at any pub, nor do my local Beer Stores and LCBOs carry it.

I used to visit Orwells regularly when I worked across the street, over a decade ago.  At least a couple of servers from those days are still there which can only be a good sign.  It's not fancy, just a casual, comfortable, friendly place and when I'm in the area I make an effort to visit, if only for one pint.

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