Saturday, 10 November 2012

October 26, 2012

209/609)  Molé Stout by Half Pints Brewery of Manitoba: *1/2;  on cask and near the bottom, at that - there was a bit of "chewiness";  very dark with almost no head and a powdery surface;  peppery with notes of chocolate, possibly cinnamon;  I am reminded of the Mexican hot chocolate I have had at Toronto's Distillery district and elsewhere;  lingering hot pepper notes, chipotle, I think;  a (Mexican) meal in a glass;

The chalkboard read "Mole Stout" but I am pretty certain the accent belongs over the "e".  It's an unusual one for certain.  I hope to be able to revisit this one in the future.  I have a feeling I could come to like it.

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