Tuesday, 6 November 2012

August 26, 2012

161/561)  Home:  Trappistes Rochforte 8 by Abbay St-Remy of Belgium:  **1/2;  rich, mahogany colour;  yeasty, fruity nose, touch of alcohol;  rich, malty yeasty flavours;  a top shelf abbey ale;  purchased at SAQ with a bottle of Delirium Tremens for about $8 in total;

162/562)  Home:  Boréale Noir by Les Brasseurs du Nord of Quebec: ** ;   purchased in Quebec City, first street parallel to main drag in what looked like a variety store, except it only carried beer, some 400 plus brands, almost eclusively from Quebec;  very dark "natural stout";   roasty, malty nose;  coffee-like notes;  more in the oatmeal style as opposed to the Irish style;

In addition, here is the can I saved from the local brew at Levis, and, beneath, an all-time favourite:

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