Wednesday, 7 November 2012

September 14, 2012

179/579)  The 3 Brewers:  Red Cream Ale brewed at The 3 Brewers, Ontario:  *1/2;  malty nose with a touch of yeast;  mild is the key word - it opens faintly sweet with a mildly bitter finish;  I sensed mineral notes - like Sleeman's Cream Ale;  they are going for an English style by the way it is marketed though I had the idea cream ales were a North Amercan creation;

180/580)  The 3 Brewers:  Eat My Schwartz brewed at The 3 Brewers, Ontario:  **;  a German style black lager with malty coffee notes;  brewed specially for Toronto Beer Week;

This year's Toronto Beer Week has been very well attended, though I find the website to be less helpful this year than last.

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