Wednesday, 26 August 2015

August 16, 2015

179/1453) Garrison Brewery, Halifax:  India Pale Ale by Garrison Brewing of Nova Scotia:  *1/2;  6.5%, 50 ibu;  malty with a one dimensional hop bite;

This was a $2 taster.  I learned that Garrison also makes root beer, pretty good root beer at that.

180/1454) The Gahan House, Halifax:  Hippie Cousin by the Gahan House of Nova Scotia:  **1/2;  5.9%, 75 ibu;  one of " Karen's Beers";  surprisingly sweet, faintly piney nose;  refreshing and pleasantly bitter;

The first Gahan House is in PEI.  They both have great food especially the fish & chips in a bag and the mussels.

Brewster Karen Allen is not to be confused with that actress.

181/1455) The Gahan House, Halifax:  Iron Bridge Brown Ale by the Gahan House of Nova Scotia:  **;  roasted malt nose;  a roasty, mildly sweet English brown ale;

This was part of a flight - my wife did not fancy as much as I did.

182/1456)  Stillwell Bar, Halifax:  Tim's Dirty American IPA by Big Spruce of Nova Scotia:  **;  6.4%, 69 ibu;  piney nose of Simcoe hops;  a well balanced IPA;

The Stillwell reminds me a lot of the Volo.  It's bigger and louder but the similarities are bar service, chalkboard draught list (only 12, mind), the fact that it opens so late in the day and just the general feel of the place.  The snack menu is described as "playful".

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