Tuesday, 11 August 2015

May 25, 2015

116/1390) Home:  24- Cheli's Pale Ale by Lake of Bays of Ontario:  **;  7%, 40 ibu;  from the NHL Alumni series, True Grit Edition III:  in honour of Chris Chelios;  Son number two asked how long it was aged and well he might seeing as how Chris Chelios appeared in more games than any defenceman in NHL history;  he won three Stanley Cups;  the usual 4 ingredients with the addition of wheat flakes and oak chips; citrusy nose;  not so hoppy to palate;  very smooth;  like an English style cask ale with a hoppy edge;

117/1391) Home:  Celeia Hop Ale by Alexander Keith's of Nova Scotia:  **;  5.5%  from the "hop" series;  Celeia is a Slovak hop;  lemony, black pepper nose;  almost like some saisons I have tried;  black peppery finish;  very unusual;

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