Thursday, 6 August 2015

March 20, 2015

59/1333) Caffe Volo:  Twin Pine Imperial IPA by Sawdust City of Ontario:  **;  8.8%;  an American double IPA;  tropical fruit nose with pine and resin;  opens with tropical notes, bitter, earthy finish;

I can understand how some find this too bitter for their liking.

60/1334) Caffe Volo:  Zenne by House Ales of Ontario:  *1/2;  4.8%;  an Old World Pale Ale;  musty, grainy nose with a hint of sweet citrus;  notes of sweet orange and a dry, bitter finish;

It is entirely possible that this is a bit of a goof on Zinnebir from Belgium.

61/1335) Caffe Volo:  Hemisphere by Collective Arts of Ontario:  *1/2;   6.8% ;  an American IPA;  citrusy nose with an edge of sweaty smelling yeast;  sweet citrusy notes, resiny earthy finish;

62/1336) Caffe Volo:  Cruiser by Amsterdam Brewing of Ontario:  **;  4.9%;  on cask;  an India Session Ale - yes, the bar for "sessionable" is steadily being lowered;  sharp, tropical citrus nose;  undefinable, neither sweet nor tart citrus notes;  very pleasant, not over the top yet certainly not an understated IPA;

63/1337) Caffe Volo:  Wild Style with Coffee by House Ales of Ontario:  **;  4.7%;  an American mild;  dark coffee nose;  rich coffee flavours;  very smooth drinking;

In accordance with recent legislation, there is no smoking on the Volo's patio.  My delight in sitting in the crisp, unadulterated evening air is not shared by all individuals.  As per usual, I feel the need to mention that there were half pints or smaller.

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